Court Forms and Fees


There are hundreds of Court Forms relating to family proceedings and it can seem a bit daunting. If you need help it can be advisable to go to you local court office and ask what forms you need or alternatively look at the “Getting Help in Court” Page in the Menu on the left for people who might be able to point you in the right direction.

Some Guidance on the forms you need can also be found in the “Making Your Application to Court” video on the ‘Video Guides” page - see the ‘Court Users” menu on the left.

All the forms for Court can be downloaded from the Government Website. A very good place to start is the “Looking After Children if You are Divorced or Separated - Apply for a Court Order” webpage. You can go to that page by clicking here.

Help on the form you need for a Divorce can be found on the “Marriage, civil partnership and divorce” government webpage. You can go to that page by clicking here.

Each form has a number - for example the form to apply for a Child Arrangements Order is a ‘C100’. If you know the name of the Court form you require, you can find it on the “Court form Finder Service” by typing in that number. The service can be found here.


If you make an application to the Family Court, it is likely you will have to pay a Court Fee.

In some circumstances you may be entitled to exemption from the Court fee.

Details of the fees payable, and the circumstances in which you may be exempt can be found here.
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