Writing a Statement for Court

Template Statement

When  an application is made for a child to spend time with or live with someone (a Child Arrangements Order) the Court will want a Statement of Evidence from each side.

Below is a downloadable copy of a template for a statement which deals with the type of things the Court will want to know about.

If you have been asked to file a statement in a case you can use this template or you can use it as a guide to help you set out your own statement.

The information that you supply will assist the Judge in having an understanding of the background to the case and will assist the Judge in coming to a decision. If any of the questions are not relevant to your case or if  are unable to answer any particular question please say so on the form. Each parent’s responses to this questionnaire will be disclosed to the other parent or side.

If possible, please type your answers. This document is in ‘Word’ format.
There are also some tips on writing statements in the “Notes for Self Represented Parties - Children” guide which can be found on the “Representing Yourself” Page - got to the Court User’s in the Menu on the left.
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