Care Proceedings and Local Authority Involvement with Families

Advice and Help

Usually, if you are a parent involved in “Care Proceedings” i.e. proceedings where a Local Authority is looking to intervene and perhaps even remove a child from a parent’s care, you will be entitled to legal aid. You must see a solicitor as soon as possible. Look at the Getting help in Court page to find out about getting a solicitor. Even people who are not parents may be entitled to Legal Aid, especially if you have or want to look after the child concerned.

Care Proceedings can be very complicated. The Family Rights Group produces a series of Advice Sheet that are very though and helpful. They can be accessed here. They are highly recommended as indeed is the entire website if you find yourself involved in any way in care proceedings.

Local Authority Contact Details

A list of Merseyside and Cheshire Local Authority contact details can be found here.
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