Public Law Outline

The Public Law Outline (Revised) sets out the plan and timetable for all Care proceedings. Below are all the relevant documents setting out the PLO and the process that must be undertaken at each stage of a care case.

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Template Initial Statement for Social Workers in Care Proceedings (Version 11). Use of this document is recommended by the President of the Family Division, the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, Cafcass, HM Courts and Tribunals Service, the Department for Education and the Ministry of Justice, in compliance with PLO 2014.
Template final analysis statement for Social Workers
The Public Law Outline.
The Cheshire and Merseyside pre-Proceedings Protocol intended to supliment the Public Law Outline.
Template Order comatible with the PLO. This is 'Word' document and can be saved as a template for re-use. Instrictions on saving the document as a template are included at the end of the draft.
Flowchart setting out PLO process.
Allocation and Gatekeeping Guidance - April 2014
Allocation and Gatekeeping Schedule to suppliment the Allocation and Gatekeeping Guidance.
Application form for Care and Supervision orders.
The Preseident of the Family Division's Guide to Presecibed Documents under the PLO
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