Useful Guidance and Links Relating to Children and the Courts

Information relating to children and vulnerable witnesses giving evidence, attending court and being involved in proceedings.

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A very useful (and one might say mandatory) read for any advocate preparing to undertake cross examination or questioning of a child or vulnerable witness in family proceedings. The toolkits provide advocates with general good practice guidance when preparing for trial in cases involving a witness or a defendant with communication needs. Information should always be sought from the individual witness or their family/ support worker/ teachers etc. about their specific communication abilities and needs.
The guide to acheving best evidence (ABE Guidance) for children and vulnerable witnesses.
Guidelines issued by teh Family Justice Councila nd endorsed by the President of the Family Division in relation to judges meeting children.
Working Party of the Family Justice Council - Guidelines in relation to children giving evidence in family proceedings.
Department of Health Guidance - Good practice when working with parents with a learning disability.
Final Report of the Vulnerable Witnesses and Children Working Group - Evidence in Family Proceedings
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